Depth of Field – The Big Picture

Depth of Field- The Big Picture features photographs- career highlights.

I share my favourite images on this page; I am working through my archive and putting an art photography gallery together; you can visit my website to see more of my visual work.

The process of editing and organising an archive of photojournalism, travel, culture and nature photography that spans a 16-year career is challenging. Still, I enjoy revisiting all the stories, places and experiences I had in my career. I have been privileged to visit and document some of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cultures as a photographer and journalist, and I am also happy to have this space on this page where I can share more of my stories with you.

Depth of Field – The Big Picture

A bi-monthly look at photos from my archive.

Portrait of a young Balinese boy in full costume. Photo Lizane Louw. Travel photography and travel journalism. Featured on the page in Depth of Field - The Big Picture.
A young boy getting ready for an initiation ceremony in Tenganan Pegringsingan, a village deep in the Jungles on the Island of Bali

Travel photography in the village Tenganan, Bali.

A young boy dressed in a colourful costume for an initiation ceremony in the village of Tenganan, Bali. I got to photograph one of the village boys before the ceremony. The double Ikat Geriseng and traditional village costume caught my eye.

In search of the indigenous double Ikat and Songket textiles, I accidentally ended up at this sacred ceremony deep in the jungle.

In my research for travel stories and travel features, I read about the indigenous textiles and the Ikat of Tenganan. I wanted to meet the weavers and see the artworks myself. So I set out in search of these weavers and their textiles. The patterns woven into these sacred textiles tell stories of this community, the culture and their gods.

My research landed me in this jungle village in the middle of a storm. The experience is and was one of the most magical of my life. It was a visual overload.

Tenganan is one of the most secluded communities on the island. Known for its traditional double Ikat Geriseng textiles and sacred Gamelan Selunding music.

On this visit, I witnessed ceremonies related to the month-long Ngusaba Sambah. The sacred rituals are performed on and around the three long Bale Patemu or pavilions. These are located in the centre of the main village street. The community’s north, centre and south is the main area to witness these events.

The village has stringent rules and still follows its ancient rituals and traditions. Outsiders are not allowed to stay there, and all visitors must leave in the evening. Only Tenganese are permitted to remain in their village overnight.

Sometimes I still can’t believe my luck that day. To be invited to witness and document this event was an honour. The whole scooter trip in the storm is a story itself.

I am busy researching this initiation ceremony and the textiles, and I hope to share more about my witnessed events. So glad that I had the opportunity to spend a day in Tenganan, one of the oldest villages in Bali. I got to learn a lot about these incredible people.

Blown away by this experience, I am becoming more interested in the culture and its unique textiles. I might just go back one day and shoot a short documentary in this village. I also would love to revisit this village to learn more. And with the next visit, of course, to buy some of these exotic textiles.