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Tea plantations in Taiwan. Tea harvest. Photo by Lizane Louw, travel journalist and photographer. 

Travel features and photo stories on tea.

The Tea Diaries

I have always had love affairs with coffee and tea. The light, fruity, floral scents of tea suited my summers and springs and the thick, nutty, dark chocolate aromas of coffees for my autumns and winters.

I travelled the world in search of spices and textile prints, flavours and tastes.

The Tao of Tea

Taiwanese tea master, Chang Wen-Hshin, was born in Nantou county in a small rural village Mingjian. This area is the most beautiful mountainous area in Taiwan.

Mrs Chang grew up in a tea village and shares her Gongfu with those who visit Ten Shang Tea shop in Jilin Road, Taipei.
Straw alternatives, metal straws

Bubble Tea and the Fat Staw

No series written on tea or tea story will be complete without writing about bubble tea.

Originally, bubble tea was an iced tea drink that contained a particular ingredient, tapioca pearls, at the bottom of the drink. Today, this drink is not always served as iced tea; it can have fruity notes and real fruit as ingredients.

The traditional multicoloured plastic straws of this popular drink are also being replaced with environmentally friendly alternatives.

From Tealeaf to Teacup.

My tea adventures took me to The Finger Tea Story House located in the tea village, Mingjian in central Taiwan.

Travelling the scenic route into the mountains of Nantou. past yam, pineapple and dragon fruit plantations will take you to a region on the island that produces some of the best Oolong Tea in the world.