My Story

Travel & Culture Journalist + Photographer

Hi, I am Writer/ Photographer, Lizane Louw

I live for adventure and love the outdoors. I travel often and enjoy immersing myself in cultural experiences.

My work in journalism covers travel, culture, environment, and sustainability when on the road in Europe and Africa. In addition, I write about photography, photographic work, art, and exhibitions when I am based in Berlin.

As a travel, culture and nature photographer, my work focuses on the environment, sustainability, and the human experience.

Travel Journalist and Photographer Lizane Louw.

A 16-year career in visual and multimedia journalism

You can read more about me, my career and my background in visual journalism on my website.

To summarise, I have extensive international experience as a multimedia photojournalist and photographer. I have travelled since I was 18 (so well over 24 years) and lived in Europe for a couple of years and in Asia for a decade. My home base is in Berlin, Germany. I work as a travel journalist and photographer in Europe and Asia.

I graduated, first with a diploma in multimedia journalism in 2014 and then with a master’s degree in Journalism from Ateneo de Manila University, ACFJ,  in June 2019. During my studies in Asia, and with the guidance of some of the best writing professors, developed a love for feature writing and started a series The Tea Diaries a travel writing project that will see me travel back to India and Sri Lanka in the next two years. I share all my travel stories and travel photography and the latest projects on this site.

My areas of speciality in photography is photojournalism, nature photography, portraiture and travel photography. My written work in news and investigative journalism shifted after researching and writing about marine debris and pollution in Taiwan.  I work on solutions based projects and stories that drive change. I enjoy working on slow multimedia projects that are inspirational but also educational.” 

Travel Journalist and Photographer Lizane Louw.

A life of adventure

I have travelled extensively over the past 24 years and have explored over 60 countries and worked and lived in South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, South AfricaNamibia, the UK, Israel, Spain, the US and Canada. During a 4 month trip crossing India, I also gave journalism lectures at universities.

Fascinated by the human condition, I love exploring cultures, different foods, art and cultural traditions. I know no other life than travelling. For the past 12 years, I have been slowly working on a career in travel journalism.

I had so many inspirational experiences, train journeys through India, motorbike adventures on the islands of Penang and Langkawi in Malaysia. Surf adventures in Bali and South Korea. Photographic safaris in Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. My favourite experiences have been my tea adventures in Taiwan; so much life inspiration was found at the bottom of my teacup.

You can find me between Africa and Europe, I am currently freelancing as a travel journalist and photographer for travel publications.

Berlin Germany is home.