Unique travel experiences

Train journeys, Art Experiments, Textile Printing, African Safaris, Wine Tastings and more…

In the pause between the notes, I am revisiting the highlights of life on the road through old photographs and social media posts. I have had some very unique travel experiences in my life that I have been documenting with postcards and images and most importantly on my social media platforms.

On this page I will be putting together an experience list and stories that will include some of my bucket list adventures. I always stay off the beaten tourist track, therefor I can recommend some really unique, stimulating, uncommon and rare experiences to adventurous souls. In short, most of my adventures were done with photography, culinary exploration and art in mind, therefor these experiences are also visually compelling. If you have any questions on any of the experiences mentioned below, whilst I am writing the stories, please get in contact. Ask questions, I will be happy to share my personal experiences, thoughts and recommendations with you.

After 24 years on the road cris crossing continents and international borders, I can say I am an experienced and well-travelled nomad.

Some unique travel experiences I can recommend:

Block-printing in India

Mud printing in India

Ashrams in India

Holi in Varanasi

Train journeys in India

Textiles adventures in India

Meet analog portrait masters in Jaipur, India

Batik in Bali

Ikat and exotic textiles in Bali

Temple traditions in Bali

Streetfood adventures in Penang

Motorbike adventures in Langkawi

Streetfood and textiles in Kuala Lumpur

Where to buy Tea in Taiwan

A visit to tea masters in Taiwan

Surf and Sup South Korea

Street photography in South Korea

Visiting the DMZ, the border of North and South Korea

Train Journeys in Thailand

Train Journeys in Cambodia

Safaris in Namibia

Safaris in Botswana

Wine adventures in South Africa

Wine Adventures in Portugal

Finding the best pottery in the Algarve, Portugal

Photography exhibitions in Berlin

Vintage selfies in Berlin